The aim of this book is to teach correct structure as well as various nail shapes done on any nail type, in the easiest and comprehensible way possible. When it comes to doing nails, we all know that to make a great extension on an ?easy to do? natural nail is no problem! But in reality, how many clients with natural nails like so we do on a daily basis? Not many! Majority of clients have different types of nails on each finger. Some people are nail biters, or have hooked nails, or even a combination of every possible shape. Regardless the natural nails? shape? your goal is to create a consistent set of nails which look good and is structured correctly. You?ll learn in this book: How to create correct nail structures How to customize and apply forms depending on natural nail type and the shape of extension The most popular nail shapes (Square, Pipe, Stiletto, Almond, Russian Almond, Marilyn, Gothic Almond and Edge) taught on standard, hooked and bitten type of nail How to determine the perfect shape for clients Proper nail preparation The variety of pinching methods 10-step Filing Technique Tip-Top hints and tips of product application and much more! After studying the content in this book, you?ll understand the ?architectural? way of creating perfectly structured nail extensions in addition to any natural nail type; and you?ll do it with ease. ?I believe that to be happy and successful you should do what you love and always do your best? - ElaLoszczyk International educator, multi times competition winner, Scottish and UK Nail Champion, Scratch Stars 2012, 2013, 2014 winner, competition judge, founder of Nail Experts Academy and author.

The Nail Shapes And Structure Compendium Book

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